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The alps tower over a minuscule Fiat Panda. Europop blares from the car stereo. Ostia are on their way to new adventures.  

The sound of OSTIA has been compared to Boards of Canada, Elizabeth Fraser or The Knife. It is highly melodic retro-wave, first-class songwriting, strong voices and a dizzying emotional amplitude between melancholy and euphoria.

OSTIA is the bilingual successor to Berlins underground cult band ITACA, which used to sing strictly in Italian, gaining its reputation with spectacular live shows in their hometown and countless tours throughout all of Italy.


9.4.2024 - Hamburg (Übel & Gefährlich) special set with Albertine Sarges & Izzy Ment) (Tickets)
12.5.2024 - Berlin - Kantine am Berghain (Tickets)


The devil's right and left hands: "Itaca Mi Manchi" (2017) and "Big in Itaca" (2015)


The story of Ostia started with Albertine Sarges and Lo Selbo meeting in Rome. Although both Berliners are living in their hometown now, they used to sing exclusively in the language of their first meeting: Italian. They developed their peculiar style, that is influenced by Italian cantautori of the 70s (Battisti, Battiato, Dalla), Europop of the 80s (Yazoo, Human League), and Avant-Electro of the new millennium (The Knife, Animal Collective). They released two albums, the cassette "Big in Itaca" (2015) and "Itaca Mi Manchi" (2017). Their underground hit "Mi Manchi" was voted as one of the best songs of 2018 by Germanys Musikexpress. They were invited to play Italy's X-Factor in 2019. In the same year, director Johanna Behre shot the full-length movie "San Remo" about one of their Italy-tours which was premiered on film-festival Bremen.

After the pandemic break they renamed the band to OSTIA, the place of their first show in Italy. They now regularly play their live shows with a 4-piece band featuring Garagen Uwe (Walls & Birds, Stella Sommer) and Oskar Militia (Liiek, Pigeon).
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